Tossing the Winter Scarves

Brown multi winter scarf; hmmm, cashmere?

Brown multi winter scarf; hmmm, cashmere?

(Erika/Mom) I was running the other day and spotted this mound of clothing on the side of the road. I stopped to inspect and saw that it was a woolen scarf. “Aha,” I thought, “a sign that winter is over” and went on with my run. Later as I was driving the same route I saw it and decided to stop and take a picture. It looked so picturesque lying there in the grass and dead leaves. (There was an old grungy glove nearby but I didn’t deem it as blog-worthy and didn’t really want to touch it.)

Lizzi and I got a kick out of this scarf as we visualized some guy who didn’t know or care how much scarves cost, flinging it out the window while driving way over the speed limit.

And yet…must scarves be stuffed into drawers until October? No way–stick out your neck and wrap something heavenly around it! I love how scarves bring insta-class to a mediocre shirt or boring jacket. They are unparalleled for enhancing eye color. I met an artist in SF recently who creates felted scarves with ruffled edges and variegated color. They have the extraordinary effect of rose petals wrapped round your neck.

Rose Petal ScarfA few years ago I spotted a wonderful ruffled scarf in Paris and picked up one as a gift for my sister-in-law. These things are so ultra-feminine it isn’t funny. I wonder why I didn’t get one for myself. They are readily available all over the place now.
Ruffled ScarfOh well. I should march back upstairs and dig out a pretty spring scarf for my very boring outfit. Lizzi is wearing a sherbet-orange LV scarf that her friend Cassidy brought her from Italy. It looks great. Meanwhile, the brown cashmere castaway is in my trunk. It’s actually a pretty nice scarf. An appt. with the dry cleaner and it’ll be waiting for me when the leaves fly next year.


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