(Lizzi) Jumpsuits? Playsuits? Rompers?

It sounded odd at first when I first discovered them last fall. I thought they looked like something an acrobat would wear.

Or… maybe something like acrobat meets hippie?

Then, I started liking them… a lot! I couldn’t help drooling over each Yves Saint Laurent pant jumpsuit or the bright Adam rompers that stood out like a zit on prom night. I wanted one. So, when my mom took me shopping for my birthday in early April, I looked and looked and looked. Finally, when we visited American Apparel, there hung a cute halter romper. And it fit!

My perspective on jumpsuits/rompers/playsuits is pretty down to the point: fun things you can wear.

Some of my favorites are:

Stella McCartney Reversible jersey jumpsuit

Stella McCartney Reversible Jersey Jumpsuit $995 at net-a-porter.com

Ecote Striped Knit Onesie $58 at urbanoutfitters.com

(Erika/Mom) A few years ago I worked at a magazine with women mostly 15-20 years younger than me. One day I showed up wearing leggings with a silk skirt. I thought I looked pretty good. That afternoon one of the editors laughed and quoted something about “if you wore it the first time around, you’re too old to wear it again.” Now, I don’t recall wearing leggings before–leg WARMERS for sure–but her words stuck with me. I grieved for all the recycled fashion trends I’d be barred from; and if I chose to follow that rule, jumpsuits would certainly be taboo.

Ahhh, jumpsuits. Those roomy, lounge-y, belted numbers with bells so wide they got caught in the screen door. I know I had a couple, and am pretty sure I made one or two. This one looks verry familiar:

70s Jumpsuit Pattern

70s Jumpsuit Pattern

For my friend’s wedding in the early 90s, we bridesmaids wore pale yellow jumpsuits with crocheted edging around the dropped collar and a little elastic back clip. That was one bridesmaid outfit I actually did wear again and again.

So what now? Lizzi’s short  romper is darling and I wonder if I dare swath myself in a jumpsuit once again. I like these short versions from the UK:

Short jumpsuit styles

Short jumpsuit styles

But even here they warn us boomers that the 1771 maxim “mutton dressed as lamb” holds true today. So I wil proceed with caution back to the future. What I really want to come back is overalls! I’ll save that for another post.


One Response to “Jumpsuits”

  1. Francesca Says:

    I love the idea of the collaboration with mother && daughter [: I adore rompers/jumpsuits, especially the Vena Cava one seen on Blake Lively.. Post more!

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