Harem Pants

(Mom/Erika) My earliest recollection of harem pants were the flowy little numbers that Barbara Eden wore in “I Dream of Jeannie,” one of my favorite childhood TV shows. I haven’t thought too much about them until recently, when they began bursting on the fashion scene like spring tulips.

Parachute harem pants from styleguru.org
Parachute harem pants from styleguru.org

They run a surprising gamut from low-key to outrageous. Could I, would I wear these?

low-waisted harem pants
low-waisted harem pants

Good Lord, no! Comments on another blog about harem pants voted strongly to keep them back in the 80s where they belong. Big feet, big thighs, short legs, pudgy tummy…you can’t have any of these and still pull off harem pants.

So, will wearing harem pants require a pre-ingested Valium to feel like we can pull them off (or better yet, keep them on). Maybe not. Here’s a very nice rendition of harem for the harried middle-aged mom. These have nice proportions, beautiful fabric, and of course get a great boost from the stilettos.

Pretty slick harem pants from Fashion My Only Love
Pretty slick harem pants from Fashion My Only Love

Harem pants are not for the timid. They don’t blend in. But for a touch of the exotic and the slight chance that if we cross our arms and nod our head, our figure flaws will vanish into the Arabian night, they’re worth a try.

(Lizzi) Harem pants: when I first saw a pair, I immediately thought… Aladin pants? They were baggy and sloppy looking. I kept looking around though and saw different ways  you could wear them to make them look classy, fun, casual, simple, exotic, and exciting.

I started liking them the way I started liking Doc Martens and jumpsuits. I saw them paired with different, more exciting things and learned to like them.

I started watching this new TV Series called “The Fashion Show” on Bravo. It’s really good and in their first episode, they featured “Must Have Items”. One group decided that harem pants were the way to go. I was quite excited with some of the looks.

You may not like harem pants yourself, but in my opinion, you should try them out… see how they fit you… find items to pair with them… just have fun and play around!



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