My Best Friend’s Wedding

Tum, tum, ta tum...

Tum, tum, ta tum...

(Erika/Mom) After many failed attempts, my matchmaking skills have finally paid off. David Sowell, a cherished friend since junior high, and Diana Markarian, my friend from our Guerneville days in the 70s, met through me, fell in love, and are getting married on July 18! It’s so exciting to see two good friends dazzled by love and excited for the future.

So get this: David has asked me to be his best man. His best woman. His stand-up gal. Whatever it’s called. I’ve been a bridesmaid many, many, many times, but never a best man. It’s kind of fun to think about but of course I’m at a loss as to what to wear. My stylish friend Jes Alexander of the famed Herald de Paris suggested something tailored with tuxedo-like features. I thought that was good advice.

It'd be fun to get the tuxedo feel without actually wearing one.

It'd be fun to get the tuxedo feel without actually wearing one.

I’m looking at tuxedo dresses and there are some great ones out there (many of these are previous seasons and have been removed from archives so forgive any dead-end links). Take a look at these:

Macys tuxedo dress; $

Macys tuxedo dress; $40.60

This Macy’s dress could be a good look for me and at less than $50 the price is right. However it’s at least a year old. Here’s another one:

Classic, tailored, backless

Classic, tailored, backless--boring?

It’s shown on for $54.99 but is out of stock. (Is there an irony here?)

Black, white, and pretty all over

Black, white, and pretty all over

This one by Diane von Furstenberg and featured on is too wintery for an outdoor California wedding but I really like its silhouette and tuxedo details.

Love the lapel and drop-down sash on this dress.

Love the lapel and drop-down sash on this dress.

I absolutely LOVE this Alexander Wang dress, found on I think it would look good on my figure and the pewter color would blend well with the fuschia and white of the bridesmaids. But at 625 sterling pounds, I’m not even going to bother calculating the conversion to dollars. Way too rich for my wallet.

So the search continues. Lizzi has some great suggestions below.

images(Lizzi/Daughter) Mom has a wedding. It’s a bit casual, but it’s still a wedding, so it’s time to pick out a fabulous dress! THANKS LIZZI; MOM IS GOING TO COMMENT IN CAPS.

What’s really in this season are pleated dresses also known as a bandage dress, escargot dress, or tiered dress. Even better, they are good for slimming your body.

Hervé Léger is well known for his bandage dresses, so I took one of my favorites from and took dresses from that were somewhat inspired by the dress.

herve leger dress redIsabelle Bandage Dress from for $975. I WISH. TRUST ME, I WOULDN’T LOOK SLIM IN THIS.

I thought this dress was gorgeous, but a little bit expensive. Sure, she might be able to wear it to another fancy occasion, but it’s always best to get something similar for an even better price.

purple wedding dressAdriana Papell Tiered Silk Dress from for $188.00. YEAH! LOVE THIS ONE AND CAN LIVE WITH THE PRICE TAG, TOO.

This dress isn’t too similar, but what I like about this is its pleats are more flowing rather than bandage-like. I also like the pleats on the upper area and the belt. This is very elegant and has many spring trends incorporated in it.

herve leger inspired dress beige colorBCBGMAXAZRIA Satin Halter Tiered Dress from for $200.00

First of all, how could you go wrong with BCBGMAXAZRIA? Second of all, it definitely has a touch of Hervé Léger. Also comes in these colors FIRST OF ALL, HOW DO YOU KNOW ALL THESE DESIGNERS SO WELL?? I DO LIKE THE TIERS BUT AM CONCERNED THAT THE SLIM FIT ON A SIZE 8/10 BODY WOULD MAKE ME RESEMBLE A MUMMIFIED SEAL:

colors for bcbg dress

my fave herve leger inspired dressLondon Times Sleeveless Shutter-Pleat Dress from for $109.00

Save the best for last! Not only does this have a beautiful fabric, it’s the least expensive out of all three and has gorgeous detail. I love it. Even though it’s similar to the BCBGMAXAZRIA dress, it has bra-friendly straps. Also comes in these colors:

colorssss for my fave

Good news! All the dresses I have suggested match with your silver Alfani heels GOOD; AT LEAST I HAVE THE SHOES:mommy's shoes for wedding silverHope I was a help! AS ALWAYS, SWEETHEART. AS ALWAYS. XOXO



2 Responses to “My Best Friend’s Wedding”

  1. Francesca Says:

    Good luck with yoru dress hunt! And Lizzi, you have great taste in dresses [:

  2. prettylittlebird Says:

    I just discovered this blog. I love it 🙂
    Lizzi your fashion taste is so classy. I wish my 13 year old cousin could choose clothes like you!

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