Paris Fashion Part 1

whaaa...? no wifi? they promised!

whaaa...? no wifi? they promised!

(Erika/Mom) Elizabeth and I had grand plans. We were going to POST from the road. Yes indeedy, we were going to take our blog across the Atlantic and share our wonderful discoveries and observations of Parisian, Cote d’Azurian, and Venetian fashion in real time, on my sleek 17-inch Macbook Pro. I should know from long experience with the fickleness that is Europe, to never expect things to turn out the way you want. I can brag because I lived in France for one year. Spontaneity? Je ne crois pas. You have to plan grocery runs. Clerks at the post office do one thing really well; they will NOT take a package if they are in charge of airmail letter stamps. Flying by the seat of one’s pants is obviously not a French expression. So trying to secure the wifi to which we were entitled by the U.S. Constitution didn’t hold any water in Paris. We were “merde out of luck.” Pardon my French.

So we made the best of things. We kept our eyes open and our imaginations on high speed. We did not lament the lack of wifi access for long because there was so much to see and do. I not only got to see my beloved France again, I got to see it through the enthralled, fresh eyes of my children.

The photo above is our first apartment in the 3eme arrondissement. We are still experiencing jet lag, but itching to hit the rues and avenues. My aunt Phyllis promises to lead us to some of the great shops and Elizabeth of course wants to make sure she rubs elbows with the greatest couturiers of all times.

Dior and Valentino and Chanel...oh my! Walking down the greatest avenue of fashion design.

Dior and Valentino and Chanel...oh my! Walking down the greatest avenue of fashion design.

Elizabeth and I were glad we brought some pretty scarves with us. They’re easy to pack and dress up an outfit without compromising comfort. We even picked up a fun one that says Paris all over it, from a vendor in front of Versailles. We saw a lot of trends that surprised us, and some that we hope to jump on with our own wardrobes. Coming up are some more posts on specific looks and trends, with blurry examples from Paris, Lake Como, and Venice. It’s hard taking pictures of moving targets! We hope that you’ll enjoy the journey.


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One Response to “Paris Fashion Part 1”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Even without the wifi connection, I’m glad you had fun!

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