Paris Fashion Part 2

(Lizzi/Daughter) Why, hello there. Or should I say bonjour! Mom and I got a few photos of fashionable Parisians to let you get the feel of how people dress in Paris. 

To start, we got this photo on the streets of Paris, actually at a gay music parade. Obviously, this couple wasn’t a part of it.


hmm... are overalls coming back?

hmm... are overalls coming back?

When I saw this outfit, I remember, I liked it immediately. For a while now, I haven’t really been big on overalls, but these were cute! I started tapping on mom’s shoulder frantically and we raced up to her and snapped a quick picture on Mom’s Blackberry. 

Not only did I see overalls on her, I saw them on other people, too. Also, on one of my favorite websites, Polyvore, I’ve found a small trend of using overalls.

polyvore set with overallsWalking on Sunshine! by Bonnie–>

Next, we spotted these two girls in comfy casual but chic outfits while watching three break dancers on the street.

paris fashion comfy casualActually, Mom spotted these two. I love the blouse on the girl on the right and the long black cardigan on the girl on the left. 

So, I looked around and found these beauties:

dkny wrap cardiganDKNY Cashmere-blend wrap cardigan for $195 from

ruffle blouse Metallic Box Silk Top for $19.80 from

Pair both with a pair of black skinny jeans and either black flats or black pumps and you’re ready to go.


One Response to “Paris Fashion Part 2”

  1. Cathy Says:

    ooh i love the pink blouse from Forever21! I would definitly buy that. Glad you had fun!

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