The Fashion Show Recap: Bravo, Bravo TV!

the fashion show judges on bravo tv

(Lizzi/Daughter) Mom and I always looked forward to a new episode of The Fashion Show on Bravo. I found an ad for this show in one of the People issues and immediately decided to record it. The first couple of episodes, the contestants were separated into 4 teams. But as the show went on, they finally got to be individuals for the rest of the show. Each contestant was to make a design based on the elimination challenge. At the end of the show, the designer’s creations were put into one fashion show. The judges, Kelly Rowland, Isaac Mizrahi, Fern Mallis, plus a new guest judge every week (i.e. Charlotte Ronson, Editor in Chief of Haper’s Bazaar Glenda Bailey) chose the winning design of that week (the winning design is sold on and the designer who was going home. Finally, the four remaining contestants had ten weeks to make a collection for the most important fashion show of their lives (judged by AMERICA). Each of the final contestants (Reco Chapple, Daniella Kallmeyer, James Paul Ancheta, and Anna McCraney) did a great job in their final collection and it was tough seeing three of them go home. Each week got more and more exciting and I can’t wait for the next season!

My favorite episode was “The Shoe Must Go On” (Week 4) because 1. it was the first episode the remaining contestants were doing their own individual designs and 2. the challenge was to do a design based on… SHOES!

The winning design was by Reco and the design was based on cage heels by Yves Saint Laurent.

reco's winning design yves saint laurentThis I absolutely adored, but my favorite design from the top 3 was a shirt dress made by Angel, which was inspired by a nautical pair of heels by Stella McCartney. She wore it to the Finale and also said, “It’s the shirt dress I made in Episode 4. A lot of viewers, they really liked it and asked me to to remake it!”

angel wearing her shirt dress

angel's shirt dress on the runwayWhat was really cool about it also, was she was given the shoes by the judges because she didn’t choose a pair of shoes she liked in time.

stella mccartney nautical heelsMy favorite winning design out of all the episodes would probably be Anna’s design from Week 9.

ana's dress week 9

I love this dress so much because of the fabric, colors, and style! The little cups on the waist make the dress so unique and cute.

My least favorite winning design is Merlin’s design from Week 6.

merlin's design week 6This was my least favorite winning design because the whole design looks like something you would buy at JCPenny. There were much better designs than this. Although the shoes are cute.

When it came down to the final four, I was happy with the people. Reco, Daniella, James Paul, and Anna. My favorite collection was Daniella’s because it was very modern and the shoulder pads were very Balmain-esque. I’m really glad the was the judge’s choice because she deserved it.

My favorite designs of hers were the ones with hints of leather and metal. It was very cool.

daniella final collection 1

daniella's final collection 2

daniella's final collection 3

daniella at the final fashion showI also really liked her skirt!

In my opinion, Anna didn’t deserve to win. She had very cute designs, but I would’ve liked to see Reco, Daniella, or James Paul win because they seem to deserve it more and have more of a passion. I did really like some of Anna’s designs though. My top three are:

ana's final collection 1This dress is hot! The color is my favorite color (HOT pink) and I like the idea of a pleated mini dress. It sort of reminded me of Blake Lively’s Michael Kors dress at the CFDA Awards.

blake lively at cfda awards

ana's final collection 2Look how gorgeous this gown is. The different colors are cool and calming yet fun and exciting. The detail reminded Isaac Mizrahi of a dress she did in Week 8. How gorgeous!

ana's final collection 3Nudes and browns are very in right now, and Ana took it to the next level by adding a dash of neon green. Great job!

In conclusion, Anna’s designs were great and all four of the finalists came very far in the competition. I wish all of them the best of luck in the fashion business and I hope that they all make it big some day. I think America voted for Anna because she had the most wearable designs, which is a plus, but they are not as artsy as the other three. I loved the finale because some of my favorite designers were there (BETSEY JOHNSON, I LOVE YOU!) and James Paul shared a quote that Vivienne Westwood told him. “You have all your life to make pretty things, but you have only one chance to make an impression to the world.” That I thought was a great quote.  I cannot wait until the next season! What about you, Mom?

(Erika/Mom) I liked The Fashion Show because these guys really design. Grabbing bolts of fabric, sticking themselves with pins, getting mad when their model wasn’t “hanger size” and all that good realism stuff. Of course, this is TV; you don’t see the tedious hours of cutting, sewing, making mistakes and starting over…oh wait, that’s me when I’m trying to make something. Anyway, the sewer and fashion enthusiast in me really enjoyed every episode.

The show always threw one of the designers out of his/her element. For Daniella, it was the time she had to design something for a sort of drab woman with a boxy figure. (She actually ended up nailing that one with a fabulous black dress!) Johnny was pissed when he had to actually sew and do all of the technical stuff that his assistants would normally do. Reco had to “give homage” to Halston and his resulting gown gave homage more to Shakespeare. (Isaac Mizrahi liked this episode the best–he was in love with the word “homage,” using it liberally and with great glee.) The mini-challenges and bigger challenges were all creative and tested the designers’ skills and ingenuity. I could have done without the tarot card reading, though. That was stupid.

I really liked the “High School Cliques” episode (week 6) when all the designers had to pick a personality type of a girl at school (skater girl, “B-girl,” mean girl, etc.) and create something to reflect it. I cringed when Angel was excoriated for not knowing what a “B-girl” was or what she would wear. I didn’t know, either! Angel talks about the experience on her blog.

I was sorry they didn’t make anything for the P-girl. You know, prairie dresses and laceup boots. Aren’t those in style anymore? Just kidding.

I agree with the outcome–Anna is a talented designer who is both creative and in tune with what “real women” would wear. Go Anna! And Anna, if you’re visiting our blog, we want to let you know that we would be happy to be your real-life models. No attitude, no fancy bottled water, no big checks. Just Erika and Lizzi. Think about it.


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