Mad Rush for Mad Men

Mad Men

(Erika/Mom) Ever since I heard about the casting call for Mad Men’s new season, my reason went out the window. I was determined to try, even though it meant a lot of work. You had to actually go to a Banana Republic store to get the brochure, the discount card, and the secret code for entering. That alone took a week. Not to mention dressing in your “best mad man or woman style.”

I finally made it to a Banana Republic and then didn’t bother to study the deadline until, well, the day of the deadline. Aaagh! Today. Any thoughts of getting hair and makeup done to resemble a 60s femme fatale faded into black. I looked down at my very contemporary skirt and tank top, my decidedly un-retro curly hank of hair and almost gave up. Then I had an idea: How about a headshot accompanied by a Polyvore set that showed what I WOULD wear if I had my act together? Brilliant! With considerable help from Lizzi, here’s what I came up with:

My Mad Men Polyvore set

So is that groovy or what? I began looking for decent headshots when Lizzi came by my desk and asked what I was doing.

“Looking for something to submit to the Mad Men casting call,” said I.

“But don’t you have to dress up?” inquired Lizzi.

“Um, no, I don’t have time for that,” I replied. “I’ll just give them an idea of what I could look like.”

Lizzi wasn’t buying it. “Mom, you have to dress up! C’mon, I’ll help you.”

It takes a very well-adjusted mom to accept wardrobe assistance from a 12 year old. We went upstairs and started going through my dresses. I was looking at a full-skirted vintage dress I wore to my brother’s wedding when Lizzi had the winning answer.

“Mom, what about this one?” she asked.

Oh man, this was perfect. She pulled out my Oscar de la Renta gray dress, the one I bought for all of the New York editor interviews I would be going on. It never landed me the job at Conde Nast, but I have to say I look pretty good in it. Brilliant! I had officially forgotten all of the things I was going to do that afternoon and was obsessed with my chance for Mad Men fame.

Dress, belt, hose, eyeliner, lipstick...check

Dress, belt, hose, eyeliner, lipstick...check

Ready for my closeup?

Ready for my closeup?

The hair isn’t quite authentic but I felt really good about this. After my hasty photo shoot I went online to send in the winning entry.

At AMC’s website, here is the message I got:

amc casting call

I MISSED IT! Lizzi and I looked at it, stunned. “Mom, can’t you do something?” Lizzi asked.

Nope; I blew it. All that work and excitement, down the drain. Still in my gray wool dress, sweating in the humidity of a New Jersey August afternoon, I questioned my attempt to capture the attention of AMC’s casting team. They had so many entries, their server nearly crashed. Why did I think I had a chance?

The answer is, I don’t know. There is something about losing yourself in another identity, another time, another place, that is irresistible. Mad Men is a smart, compelling show that I love. Every once in awhile, each of us loses our minds and we do something impulsive. We forget about laundry, cooking, dusting, unanswered emails. We just run up to our closets and begin to dress like someone else. Another time, another place.

So here I am. If there is a God, AMC will find me. And I will be ready for my closeup.


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One Response to “Mad Rush for Mad Men”

  1. Nerissa Alford Says:

    Well darn! I love the outfit you picked out. You look beautiful!
    I’m making my way around the Blogging For Bliss party. Congrats for a wonderful book. I’m enjoying it.
    I love your blog & that you & your daughter blog together. I’ll be back again. I love fashion!

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