My Book Bag… is it the right one?

(Lizzi/Daughter) Most of you remember the post we recently did on what bag I should get for school. Well, I finally found a bag that is close to perfect! We went to Target a few days ago to get a couple of basics like gym clothes for myself and a new pair of denim shorts for my sister, Caroline. We also decided that while we were there, we should check out the purses and bags they had. It didn’t take long for us to find a decent-sized and roomy Hollywood Intuition for Target bag in an awesome purple color that could be used as both a tote or a messenger!

hollywood intuition purple bagWe found the bag without any tags and we couldn’t find a similar bag. So for about fifteen minutes, people were searching everywhere for the tag or a similar bag. We also found out that this bag was part of Hollywood Intuition’s Fall Favorites which I thought was kind of cool. Even though we had to wait a while for the price to be found, it was worth it! Because now I have a totally cute and inexpensive bag for school.

purple target bag

purple target bag

I just have one teensy-weensy problem. I’ve had my eye on this hot pink Marc Jacobs tote for a long time and now I’m having bag remorse because I don’t know if I chose the right bag!

hot pink marc jacobs toteIt’s a little bit expensive ($190) and I don’t know if I should buy it because it would take away money from more back-to-school shopping at King of Prussia. Also, if I got this bag ruined or lost, I would hate myself.

They’re both awesome bags, but I don’t know if I should keep the one I have, which is a perfectly good bag… or go for my dream tote by my favorite designer Marc Jacobs? What do you think, Mom?

(Erika/Mom) Hmmmm. Let’s see, if it’s between what my own mother would call “a PERFECTLY GOOD bag” for $26 and a $190 designer bag that will be dragged through the unsavory detritus of a middle school’s hallways, going from bright pink to the color of a well-used pencil eraser in a matter of weeks–do I really have a choice? It just doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do. I immediately said “No” when Lizzi asked me about it. Then an hour later I felt bad and decided to make her an offer–if she wanted to spend her own money she could get it.

Quite frankly I was delighted with the Hollywood Intuition bag. It had everything going for it–generous size, sturdy construction, awesome color, front pockets for cell phone, and a good price. It is also somewhat unique–as much as anything can be unique these days. But Lizzi hears people talking disparagingly about Target–that it’s not cool to shop there. I won’t get on any soapbox here–I have my own list of stores that I will only enter if the world is ending and I need a hurricane lamp (Walmart, all warehouse grocery stores). But isn’t being fashionable about choosing the unexpected, the one that not everybody has? Not everyone has a Marc Jacobs bag mostly because they can’t afford it. but I consider that the more predictable choice. And being predictable will never get you anywhere in fashion.

Lizzi you have remarkable nonconformity at an age when it is almost irresistible to follow the crowd. My hat’s off to you and hey, can I borrow your bag sometime? šŸ™‚


3 Responses to “My Book Bag… is it the right one?”

  1. Marsey G. Says:

    I agree with Erika, this Marc Jacobs tote is cute, but it’s not really practical for a middle school student. I have the bag and the strap is really short… so it would be annoying to carry it on your shoulder with all the books in there. I think the target bag is ADORABLE! And nobody will know it’s from target, so it doesn’t matter. I think the purple one is perfect for school.

    xoxo Marsey

  2. francesca. Says:

    OHHH. this is a hard decision. while the Target bag was a great deal, I’m sure a Marc Jacobs bag would beat it… at least style wise? I think I’d go with the Target bag. You already have it, and it’s verrrryyyyy chic. Plus, your mother speaks the truth when she talks about it being dragged around school. Plus, Marc Jacobs is making an everything-under-200 line soon. Read it in NYLON. (:

  3. francesca. Says:

    Plus, who cares what those people think?
    Target is amazinggg. Why not start a trend?

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