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Lizzi & Erika’s Look of the Day


Last night, I went to a movie with my dad and sister and decided to dress up a little for no particular movie. We saw “When in Rome” which was very good! I wore a cream ruffled DKNY top from Macy’s, a pair of black jeans from Nordstrom, a pair of brown Steve Madden boots that I recieved for Christmas, and a brown cardigan bought from Nordstrom.

While I was out seeing a movie, Mom went to a country western concert and dinner with some of her girlfriends. She wore a black cardigan with a faux-fur collar bought from Greene Street consignment, a deep pink silk top from Greene Street consignment, a pair of cool dark-wash jeans from H&M, and a pair of black Chinese Laundry fringed boots (which are rather hard to see because they’re black).

Last night was a real fun and fashionable night for both of us!


Rosana: Our new favorite store!


(Lizzi/Daughter) A couple of months ago, Mom and I went to a trunk show for our neighbor’s client’s new teen clothing store called Rosana. Since she was just beginning, there was only so much clothing and only a little bit of color. We still loved it though! The other day, I got an email from her and I told Mom that I wanted to go see her new store soon (which opened two months ago). So we headed down to Princeton and met up with Rosana again. She remembered us and was so excited to see us! Her store looked amazing. It was decorated with cute chairs and she had a much bigger variety of clothing! She also told us that she’s getting a lot more shoes in, so I knew that I would definitely be going back for more.

Mom and I grabbed different pieces right and left and I tried everything on. I was glad to find a store where I loved the clothes and most of the clothing fit me! (P.S. Sorry about the bright blue tank top… I happened to wear it and it didn’t exactly go with some of the pieces I tried on!)

First, I tried on a light blue ruffle mini dress and a pair of sequined pewter flats:

After that, I tried on an adorable black cut-out mini dress (cut outs are BIG this spring! Again, as I said before, so sorry about the tank!!!!)

Next was a beautiful orange chiffon dress which I was absolutely CRAZY about! It was a little big on the top (perfect on the bottom half).

Then I tried on a couple of things: a strapless top and a pair of really cute cropped pants! (the cardigan is my own)

Finally, I tried on a basic black cami and it looked pretty cute!

Oh, and by the way, if you happen to visit Rosana boutique in time, remember to sign her wall!

At the end, I bought the pewter flats, the black cami, and the cropped pants! I can’t wait to go back again… hopefully you’ll be able to visit the boutique sometime also!

Lizzi’s Look of the Day


Here is Lizzi, early on a Thursday morning, with a great outfit for winter. Although the pink skirt is gauzy, it is warmed up with a dark gray sweater that has a 1940s silhouette. Paired with black tights, ballet flats, and a fun floral necklace, Lizzi’s ensemble is feminine and sophisticated. (Shoes from Aldo; tights from Nordstrom; skirt from H&M; sweater from Forever 21; necklace from Macys).

Short-Waisted People


Short Waist
Remember the old Randy Newman song about short people? Yeah, I’m glad it isn’t played anymore, too. But I was reminded of it when contemplating my own fashion nemesis: a short waist, paired with a not-so-small torso.

When the distance between your breasts and your waist can be measured between thumb and index finger, you’ll understand. A perfectly ordinary blouse tucked into fitted pants or a belt minding its own business on your natural waistline can look ghastly. I asked Lizzi which items in my wardrobe weren’t the most flattering and she immediately named a favorite nubbly tank top that is too short for me. It hits right about my waistline and immediately turns my entire figure into a rectangle. I keep thinking of my grandpa Ted, whose trousers seemed to reach up to his armpits. Us kids used to snicker about that but the image comes back to me disturbingly sometimes when I look in the mirror.

There is good news, though. I never thought I’d say this, but today’s lower-waisted pants are actually flattering for short waists. Look at the pants in the opening photo. This clever woman used a Vogue pattern to make these pants and simply moved the waistline down on the pattern by an inch or so. I think they look really good on her short-waisted figure. Here is a pair of jeans, from Boston Proper, that would also work well on short waists:
Boston Proper Rio fit jeans

The other piece of good news is that while your waist is off limits, you’ve got two other prime areas to highlight: the hips and the breastbone. Empire-waisted tops and dresses look really pretty and tend to elongate the torso. Here is a sweater dress from Boston Proper, paired with tights and boots, that I really like:
Boston Proper empire sweater dress

I see lots of petite, short-waisted women wearing short- or waist-length jackets–likely because they think they would be overwhelmed by longer lengths. In my opinion, it’s not the best choice. You don’t want to look like a little girl wearing her mom’s clothes…but if you have any excess middle weight, longer hemlines almost always look better. This jacket, for example, would look good on a petite, short-waisted woman. The 3/4-length sleeves are a stylish touch:
Jacket-Boston Proper

Lizzi and I both think the shirt I’m wearing below is a winner. I think I got it at Macys:
Ruffled shirt
Empire waist, nice cleavage, little ruffles (my new obsession)…this comfortable top is great for summer (as seen here in Verona, Italy) as well as peeking out under a cardigan or jacket. And yes, that is an empty beer mug in front of me. I’m aware that beer does not a small waist make. But it was Italy in July–I didn’t care!