About: Elizabeth & Erika

mother and daughter fashion (not matching!) blog

mother and daughter fashion (not matching!) blog

Elizabeth: I started out wearing only dresses until about mid-second grade. By then, I wanted to be a “tomboy” like all my friends. Therefore, I wore pants and t-shirts most of the time. But, by the time I was in 3rd grade, I branched out a little more, wearing a sun-dress every now and then. Fourth grade was the year I wore crazy leggings with skirts and ballet flats. This all took place in California, but when I moved to New Jersey in 5th grade, all I wanted was to fit in which meant wearing Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister Co. 24/7. Last year, when I was in 6th grade… I finally found the fashionista in me. I regret things I’ve worn, but people say that they looked good on me and I’m the only one who can pull them off. Being 12, I’ve found that all the years you live is really just an experiment. You start out with frilly dresses and now, you can make rags look like couture. My name is Elizabeth, but call me Lizzi (or Lizard, if you must). I will be happy to take you along my journey in fashion.

Erika: I’m the mom. Lizzi’s mom. When I realized I was looking at her outfits for fashion inspiration, we decided to start this blog together. We share fashion trends we like, dislike, and simply want to try on for size. We will no doubt disagree much of the time but hope the conversation remains fun and maybe occasionally brilliant. In my day job I’m a former magazine editor turned book packager with redlips4courage.com. I am also building a new online magazine for chefs and food lovers.


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