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Lizzi & Erika’s Look of the Day


Last night, I went to a movie with my dad and sister and decided to dress up a little for no particular movie. We saw “When in Rome” which was very good! I wore a cream ruffled DKNY top from Macy’s, a pair of black jeans from Nordstrom, a pair of brown Steve Madden boots that I recieved for Christmas, and a brown cardigan bought from Nordstrom.

While I was out seeing a movie, Mom went to a country western concert and dinner with some of her girlfriends. She wore a black cardigan with a faux-fur collar bought from Greene Street consignment, a deep pink silk top from Greene Street consignment, a pair of cool dark-wash jeans from H&M, and a pair of black Chinese Laundry fringed boots (which are rather hard to see because they’re black).

Last night was a real fun and fashionable night for both of us!


Rosana: Our new favorite store!


(Lizzi/Daughter) A couple of months ago, Mom and I went to a trunk show for our neighbor’s client’s new teen clothing store called Rosana. Since she was just beginning, there was only so much clothing and only a little bit of color. We still loved it though! The other day, I got an email from her and I told Mom that I wanted to go see her new store soon (which opened two months ago). So we headed down to Princeton and met up with Rosana again. She remembered us and was so excited to see us! Her store looked amazing. It was decorated with cute chairs and she had a much bigger variety of clothing! She also told us that she’s getting a lot more shoes in, so I knew that I would definitely be going back for more.

Mom and I grabbed different pieces right and left and I tried everything on. I was glad to find a store where I loved the clothes and most of the clothing fit me! (P.S. Sorry about the bright blue tank top… I happened to wear it and it didn’t exactly go with some of the pieces I tried on!)

First, I tried on a light blue ruffle mini dress and a pair of sequined pewter flats:

After that, I tried on an adorable black cut-out mini dress (cut outs are BIG this spring! Again, as I said before, so sorry about the tank!!!!)

Next was a beautiful orange chiffon dress which I was absolutely CRAZY about! It was a little big on the top (perfect on the bottom half).

Then I tried on a couple of things: a strapless top and a pair of really cute cropped pants! (the cardigan is my own)

Finally, I tried on a basic black cami and it looked pretty cute!

Oh, and by the way, if you happen to visit Rosana boutique in time, remember to sign her wall!

At the end, I bought the pewter flats, the black cami, and the cropped pants! I can’t wait to go back again… hopefully you’ll be able to visit the boutique sometime also!

No Rips and Fewer Uggs for the New Year


happy new years!
(Erika/Mom) Last week, my daughter Lizzi and I came up with 10 terrific fashion trends we would like to see continue in 2010. We thought it only appropriate to follow up with New Year’s wishes of what we DON’T want to see anymore. Let’s start with a clean slate, people. January 1 is the day to wake up in those cute new PJs you got, eat a healthy breakfast, play Monopoly with your kids…and throw out your Uggs!!!
brown uggs
Before you start chucking your old worn-out boots at me, you should know that I have my own version of Uggs. They are Lands End clogs, red with sheepskin lining. They are supremely comfortable, easy to throw on, and I wear them far too much between November and April. Lizzi averts her eyes when she sees my red feet coming. But I’m not talking about banning Uggs for shoveling snow off the driveway or thick clogs for walking the dog. They are wonderful cold-weather boots. Here’s what I hate:

It's alright to wear them inside but not out!

It's alright to wear them inside but not out!

Uggs aren’t much of a fashion statement. I don’t think we should default to Uggs just because they’re easy. Don’t even get me started on wearing Ugg SLIPPERS as real shoes. Geez. It’s totally fine if you’re inside and lounging around the house. There are a lot of shoes and boots on the market that are warm, convenient, and don’t make you look like you stepped in some kind of suede cement. If you must wear Uggs, consider the styles that aren’t “classic Ugg”–like this one, for example:
cute grey slouchy uggs

Don’t hate me. I’m just tired of Uggs worn in all the wrong places. Now Lizzi will tell you her wish.

(Lizzi/Daughter) One trend I would not like to see in 2010 would be the whole destroyed/ripped trend. I don’t know the exact name for it, but I think it looks totally trashy and weird. I’m constantly seeing ripped leggings and shirts and dresses being sold everywhere from Forever21 to even Neiman Marcus! I don’t mind destroyed jeans to an extent. But if they’re destroyed to a point where your whole leg shows then it makes me want to gag.

ripped everything

Instead of wearing rips and detroyed jeans, try cut-outs. They are a lot cleaner and more sophisticated than tons of rips and holes.


Have a Happy New Year, everyone!

Last Day of School!


Monday, June 22nd is the end of 6th grade for me. I can’t believe how fast the school year has gone! I’m going to miss everyone and I’m actually sort of disappointed that today is the very last day I will see my friends before the summer.

Anyway, I have absolutely no idea what to wear. I’m out of new clothes, and to make it worse, it’s been the worst weather the past month. Rain. Thunder. Humidity. But, it’s hot.

I have no fresh ideas.

At all.

One bit.

I am uninspired and totally clueless.

I was talking to some of my friends yesterday asking what the heck they were wearing. None of them know, neither do they care. I’m just guessing that they will be wearing their typical preppy Abercrombie & Fitch uniform.

But, ahhh, finally, I have found a classy, in style store to buy clothes that will actually fit my tiny little body. And it’s on the way to the shore… where we might be going tomorrow (if the weather doesn’t turn out bad).

I’ve liked J. Crew for a long time, but was never able to fit into their items. I knew they had a children’s line, but little did I know they had my size. Crewcuts! Cute name for a much-needed, small-sized line of kids that will actually fit me.

Therefore, besides my other needs, I will buy something small that will complete an outfit that I already have. A graphic t-shirt:

shoe t-shirtWith a pair of denim shorts, some cute flats, and my teal cardigan, I can stay cool, dry, and fashionable.

(Erika/Mom) School’s out for summer……School’s out for ever……

WB8188~Alice-Cooper-Schools-Out-PostersI don’t remember what I wore on last days of school. I just remember some particularly peculiar first day of school oufits–but I’ll save them for another post. I do remember when Candies were all the rage. My best friend Carla wore a pair on the last day of 11th grade, and used them to fend off some hostile girls who were out to get her for some forgotten reason. They were pretty lethal, too, with those long, wooden heels. Debbie Harry from Blondie made them super famous:


Wow, couldn’t find any. Amazing. Here’s a nice updated version, though. If I were still in school, I’d definitely wear these:

twentytwoshoes-1Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. Kick up your heels, and watch the fireflies dance across the twilight sky.

Summer Sandals

Getting ready for sandal season

Getting ready for sandal season

(Lizzi/Daughter) I love summer, mostly because of the bright, light, and fun fashions and styles! One of my favorite summer accessories are… sandals! I love everything from casual flip flops to bold gladiators. Start your summer right with three pairs of must-have sandals.

1. Versatile and Casual
black Havianasblack Havianas 2Black Havianas Flip-Flops from for $18.00

Even the most fashionable people you can think of probably have at least one pair of casual flip-flops. I love Havianas mostly because of their comfort and their many different color choices. What is good about having these flip-flops is they’re easy to take on and off when going to the beach, the pool, shopping, walking around town, and every other fun summer activity you can think of! These flip-flops can be paired with pretty much any casual outfit for the summer, and because of their versatile color, almost any colors can be paired with them.

2. Fun and Stylish

jersey wrap sandaljersey wrap around sandal 2Jersey Wrap Sandal from for $90.00

What I like most about these sandals is their ankle wraps. I also like their two different looks. As showed in the first image, it’s a bit taller and would look good with short dresses, skirts, shorts, etc. But, you can shorten them and make the sandals something you would wear with a maxi-dress. It’s good to own a pair of sandals like these so you have something different in your wardrobe and they are a better piece to wear to a party or pretty much anywhere!

3. Fancy-shmancy

flower wedgeSteve Madden “Florah” Sandal from for $89.95

Not only were wedges popular last year… and the year before that, now you have an even BIGGER choice because of how many women love them (and don’t forget girls)! These wedges are simple but oh so chic. Wear them to a fancy dinner, a fancy party, or anywhere fancy. Actually, they don’t even have to be fancy which is nice. Pair them with a simple black romper and you are ready to go for the day!

(Erika/Mom) I must start with a secret confession–I don’t like flip-flops. Never have. The rubbery “thongs” we wore in the 70s gave way to cool Japanese-looking ones that went “slap-slap” no matter how carefully you walked and hurt the inside of your big toe. I use ’em to run outside when I’ve forgotten to put the garbage out, or poolside if I’m too lazy to hunt for sandals. But I’m a sandals girl, through and through.

If you’re ever at the Macys in Quaker Bridge and notice a mother and daughter walking sideways through the shoe section, that’s us. No matter what the errand, we always pause at the shoe racks like drunken butterflies. My newest sandal selection is a happy daisy motif that Lizzi helped me select:

Not the exact ones I bought, but close

Not the exact ones I bought, but close

I love straps that are soft and come across more like ribbon or a soft leather belt, like the one on these sandals from Macys:

Macys gold sandal

Macys gold sandal

For my glamour sandal, if money and travel to London was no object, may I present this gorgeous Kurt Geiger design? Replete with gems and a black tie to be worn high or low, this sandal is something I’ll dream about tonight:

Need to cash in my 401(k) for these, but ooohh, aren't they nice?

Need to cash in my 401(k) for these, but ooohh, aren't they nice?

Here is some advice from someone who doesn’t always heed her own advice: No matter what, make sure you keep up on pedicures. Polished, filed little toenails and smooth skin make even the shabbiest of flip-flops look good.