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Coolifying Dad


Picture 1(Erika/Mom) I married Tim 15 years ago. He was and still is the love of my life. He’s also handsome, in great shape, and very, very smart. He works in a field where safety and comfort, not style, is paramount.

So one day Lizzi and I found ourselves in Urban Outfitters (how did that happen?) and we decided to coolify Dad. First, the pants. No Dockers, no pleats! We found a great pair of straight-leg black jeans. Next, a soft T-shirt with varying threads of cranberry and cream. Cardigans are hard to do without looking geriatric, but I think this one pulls it off nicely.
The piece de resistance? Converse sneakers. No kidding. These may look sort of ordinary to the casual observer but if you saw the clunky New Balance shoes Tim normally wears, his new black sneakers are a huge departure from the status quo.

(Lizzi/Daughter) I really do love my Dad, but his style sometimes, not so much. He’s always in Levi’s that all look the same, Nautica Polos, and big, clunky, steel-toed shoes. Some of the Polos I like (the ones I bought for him, for example, a bright fuscia polo), but I really want him to branch out. But, Dad’s not the worst I’ve seen.

One of my friend’s Dad wears white socks that go all the way up to mid-calf. I HATE that. A lot of boys in my grade do that, so I got used to it on them, but little did I know that grown men wore them. I don’t mind it if they are wear trousers, because their socks are covered, but in the summer, when all they wear are shorts, they look like those nerds from movies and TV shows. Seriously.

Dad's got a couple dozen of these. Yikes.

Dad's got a couple dozen of these. Yikes.

Some other Dads wear t-shirts constantly, which is okay if they’re clean. But, I know a couple Dads that wear dirty shirts, full of paint splatters holes every day when they get home. They should separate their work t-shirts from their nice t-shirts. It’s that easy.

What I would like to see on Dads are cool sneakers like Converse or Vans, snazzy cardigans, and cool, straight leg jeans. Or in the summer, shorts that cover their knees, but also aren’t below mid-calf. It’s really simple if you get a variety of those things that they can wear every day, after work, or on the weekends. Maybe add some cool accessories like a scarf. (Can you tell we’re big on scarves?!)

Like this Dad:

baby bjorn stylish dad

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Even though are Dads are the coolest men in the world already, they can be even better if dressed in the right clothes.