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Sneaky Weekend


Lizzi snuck this out of my closet on Friday

(Erika/Mom) Friday got away from us before we could sneak in a Sneaky Friday post. But it was a weekend full of lendings and borrowings. It started with a delicate silver necklace I picked up at PacSun last summer. I tend to forget I have it, but Lizzi pulled it out of my closet Friday morning and wore it with a very casual outfit of shorts and tank top. It looked good! I really like it against black, so that it is not overwhelmed by too much pattern or color. I photographed it on a houndstooth-covered chair (I LOVE houndstooth), but it sort of contradicts what I just said about too much pattern.

my charm bracelet from high school
my charm bracelet from high school

As for me, I borrowed something from my past. I’ve had this charm bracelet since high school. Some of the charms were given to me by my grandmother, who passed away many years ago. Lizzi’s eyes lit up when she saw that I was wearing it. “Where did you get that?” she said. She used to play with it in church years ago, but doesn’t remember. There are so many different variations on charm jewelry now–it’s a genre that keeps coming back, again and again. When you think about it, charm jewelry is like a snapshot of your personality. I’m not a songleader anymore of course, but it’s part of me, somewhere. And I love films and theatre, even if I don’t sing and dance in musicals anymore. Thus, the thespian comedy/tragedy masks. Sure brings me back.