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Steampunk Fashion and Jewelry


Steampunk fashion

steampunk n. a genre of science fiction set in Victorian times when steam was the main source of machine power.

(Lizzi Hayes) Mom was the first to introduce me to steampunk about a year ago. I remember she was really excited about it and showed me different pictures of the different things that are involved in the steampunk trend (you gotta see this modified PC):

steampunk PC

I was very interested, but mostly in the jewelry, which is made out of different metals, watch and clock pieces, jewels, wires, stones, and so much more. This one is from The Steampunk Trunk on etsy:
steampunk bracelet

But Mom was more interested in the fashion; tight corsets, full skirts, embroidered jackets, top hats, and long coats. Since Mom and I are so fascinated and interested in steampunk, we decided to show off the pieces of steampunk jewelry and the steampunk fashion we love!

As I was surfing the net, I found a great website full of steampunk clothing and accessories that every fashionista would love. It’s called Clockwork Couture.

This website provides lots of cool Victorian-esque clothing. Some of my favorite items were these:







Feel free to explore this wonderful site!!!

Now onto jewelry. Steampunk jewelry isn’t as simple as it looks. It seems as though you could just smash an old watch and glue the pieces onto a simple bangle. It’s actually a lot more beautiful than that…

edmdesigns on Etsey has wonderful jewelry. Some of it is extreme, others are very classy and simple.

An example of extreme would be this gorgeous steampunk cuff.

steampunk cuff

It also comes in many other styles.

There are many rings that I find actually very beautiful and fascinating:

steampunk ring

This ring I’m putting on my Christmas List!!!!

Overall, I think the steampunk style and philosophy is great and very stylish because I love the intricate mix of mechanical and romantic.

(Erika/Mom) Maybe I’ve read too many Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian fantasy novels but for me steampunk is as seductive as Johnny Depp. And I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty tired of the same old, same old jeans and sweaters. Steampunk is escapism you can wear. Evoking the adventurous feminism of Amelia Earhardt, the tailored romance of Nicole Kidman in Australia and the everyday wackiness of Helena Bonham Carter, steampunk is a trip to the past when England’s love of mechanical innovation met its last days as an uncontested world power.

I discovered this new-old world of steampunk while working on a book proposal last year and am fascinated with the people who live it.

steampunk fashion male

Jewelry is probably the easiest way to express your steampunkism. Etsy has many sellers who specialize in exquisite piecees as Lizzy pointed out. Dressing steampunk is a little trickier–the components are highly theatrical and you might easily be mistaken for an extra in Moulin Rouge. An example of toned-down steampunk is this little mineral wash jacket Lizzi and I spotted at Delia’s over the weekend:

Delias mineral wash jacket

Pair this with a ruffled white shirt, black jodhpur-style pants, a pair of black boots, and by jove, you’ve got it!