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Trend Spotting for Moms and Teens


fashion sketch

When I was 12 I entered a Levi Strauss design contest. The premise was to create a product in denim that was entirely new and unique. I spent many days sketching and rejecting things and finally came up with two winning ideas: knickers and a trench coat. These little drawings were submitted with high hopes. I was going to be a fashion designer someday!

I’m still waiting for that to happen. Meanwhile, daughter Lizzi seems to have caught the same bug. She’s entered about 100 Polyvore design contests and usually sketches out her entire back-to-school outfit–accompanied by a scary-long list of items she simply cannot live without for the year. Channeling all of this pent-up fashion frustration we bring to you our first annual Favorite Back-to-School Trends for 2009. Keep in mind our demographics (47-year-old editor Mom, 12 1/2-year-old 7th grader, suburban New Jersey), body sizes (8 and 00), and personalities (conservatively creative Mom, nonconformist adventurer daughter) and don’t be shy about offering your own opinion. Fashion is a community pool with a huge deep end!


Trend #1: Ruffles. After years of androgynous shirts and jeans, it’s nice to welcome back the feminine ruffle. This trend is really hard to miss–it’s everywhere, from dresses to jackets to simple blouses. Here is a great plaid blazer from Free People with a relaxed ruffled lapel:

Free People plaid ruffled blazer

Trend #2: Houndstooth. I would swath the world in houndstooth if I could. And I’ve waited a long time for it to come back but it has, in earnest. In fact, I got up early so I could beat Lizzi to the punch on this one.

Houndstooth dress Marc Jacobs

Houndstooth began sometime in the mid-19th century in Scotland and in the 60s and 70s tickled the fancy of Geoffrey Beene. You can even find a 1969 Camaro upholstered in houndstooth if you’re lucky!

Houndstooth upholstery-1969 Camaro
This year instead of a predictable houndstooth skirt I want something more exciting–are tights going to be in? I’ll have to check with Lizzi.

Trend #3: Loafers. Yes, loafers! Thanks probably to Michael Jackson the little loafer is making a big comeback. Macys has tables of sleek, shiny loafers like these by Etienne Aigner:

Etienne Aigner loafers
Bottom line: There’s a lot of great stuff out there. Watch your wallet!

(Lizzi/Daughter) Wow, Mom! Great trends. I had a feeling you would do houndstooth for one of your trends.

A lot of the Fall trends I get are from Teen Vogue or Who What Wear Daily or I love a lot of the Fall trends this year, so choosing my top three will be hard. Right now, I only have one in mind. I’ll start with that.

Trend # 1: Bright scarves. I haven’t been seeing a lot right now being worn, but I have seen them in stores, in magazines, and online. I love the bright colors and they can make any boring, dark, outfit into an exciting bright one by just wrapping it around your neck!

marc jacobs bright scarves fall 2009
Ahhhh, Marc Jacobs, the best designer (in my opinion) of all time. His Fall 2009 collection was full of his bright pink, green, and yellow neon scarves, but this outfit really caught my eye because the outfit had such dull colors when you look from her shoes to her top, but then you see this statement scarf.

You can get your own bright scarf this year from Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, Forever 21, and more. It’s one of Fall’s biggest trends.

You can get this scarf in either color for $18.90 at Nordstrom. I think I might get one!

bright orange scarf bright turquoise scarf
Trend #2: Pretty in Pink! My favorite color has been pink ever since I can remember and I love how designers like Michael Kors are incorporating a lot of pink into their collections.

michael kors fall 2009

michael kors fall 2009

michael kors fall 2009
Michael Kors almost beats out Marc Jacobs with his Fall 2009 collection. It was full of neon colors like yellow, orange, and pink plus a bit of black, gray, and khaki here and there. But, my top 3 looks were these because of the awesome pink color. I’m so glad that pink is one of the Fall colors this year.

Trend #3: Boyfriend jeans. Loose and comfortable jeans that are also very chic and stylish if you dress them the right way. GAP’s new line of jeans has a wide selection of jeans including boyfriend jeans. American Eagle, Current/Elliot, and Levi’s also has a wide selection of boyfriend jeans.

gap boyfriend jeansgap boyfriend jeans
You can dress ’em up:

polyvore - boyfriend jeans - dressing them up
by BellaMarie on Polyvore

Or dress ’em down:

polyvore - boyfriend jeans - dress them down
cropped boyfriend jeans by popbarb on Polyvore

Either way, they’ll still look great.

So now it’s back to Polyvore and listmaking. Mom and I have a BTS shopping trip in NYC to look forward to this Thursday. Maybe we’ll see you there!


How Do I Wear Thee?





(Erika/Mom) Hmmm. This is interesting. Lizzi and I were shopping at King of Prussia mall recently when the magnetic force of Urban Outfitters swept us into its current. I came around a corner and spied this top. Er, dress. Tunic? I was instantly attracted to it. The softness of the fabic suggested dupioni silk yet it was stretchy, almost like Danskin material. I thought briefly of the wraparound pants not too far away. Showed them to Lizzi and she didn’t get it. “Why are they wraparound?” “Well, because they wrap around you, like this,” I demonstrated. “But what if it’s a windy day?” she asked dubiously. “Yeah, well, there are risks involved,” I said, and gave up.

But back to the mystery tunic. It came in three or four luscious colors, including aubergine. I love it, but don’t know how to wear it. Lizzi?

(Lizzi) I have a very similar dress from American Apparel. Only, this item is a tunic. It can be worn as a dress or top. I remember Mom dragging me over to that section to look at the dress and tell her what you could pair with it. Thinking it was a dress, I immediately thought of a cropped leather motorcycle jacket to toughen it up and make it a little more edgy. I had trouble with thinking of shoes, but I eventually had the idea of suede slouchy boots. 

We finally ended up on this:

Silence + Noise Coated Tunic $32.00

Donna Karan Leather asymmetrical zip jacket

Donna Karan Leather Asymmetrical Zip Jacket $4,200

(or for something cheaper try… Made Me- Womens Leather Motorcycle Jacket (black) at 80s Purple for $622)

Urban Renewal Levis Ruffle Shorts $48.00


Flat Leather Ankle Boots $402.76

(please know that this website is a Japanese website. I added the link for the boots, so they are easy to find)

Classic Bead Earrings $3.80

Rib Beanie Hat

Rib Beanie $16.00


Experiment with this dress… er, tunic! Remember to have fun and stay in style.

Fashion Bridging Generations


freepeoplehangers(Erika) Welcome to our dual-perspective fashion site. My daughter Lizzi and I are an ordinary mother and daughter, living in the suburbs, pursuing school and jobs and dreams like a lot of other people we know.  If you came here to get scoop  on the newest Sonia Rykiel couture line or glean tips from our fabulous buying trips to Italy…you won’t get that here. We aren’t giving out coupons or touting our own store or clothing line, either. So if we aren’t doing any of that, why should you care?

Well, you might consider us a really well-crafted reality show, an insider’s look at two women of drastically different ages, body types, and taste who are learning about fashion from each other. In my view of things, dressing well is a never-ending challenge. My body is thicker than it was in my 30s and I’ve just emerged from breast cancer and subsequent reconstructive surgery.  I never was model material, and never will be. But I love the colors, the silhouettes, the textures of clothing. I’m fascinated by how one dress can drown a personality while another makes it dazzle. It’s a never-ending alchemy and experiment. Lizzi and I check out each other’s outfit each morning and we can tell by the tilt of the head or the burst of admiration in eyes or voice that we’ve nailed it. It’s better than caffeine to start the day right.

(Lizzi) Taking two perspectives on fashion is different (and better) than one. For instance, if you take a little black dress, the girls (or boys) in our age group will want to know what to wear with it, why to wear it, when to wear it, where to wear it, etc. Having two way different opinions actually helps, believe it or not. If you take one perspective, you don’t have any choices to choose from.

This blog is all about fashion, in a different way than you’ve ever seen before. So take advantage, and enjoy. 😉