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Last Day of School!


Monday, June 22nd is the end of 6th grade for me. I can’t believe how fast the school year has gone! I’m going to miss everyone and I’m actually sort of disappointed that today is the very last day I will see my friends before the summer.

Anyway, I have absolutely no idea what to wear. I’m out of new clothes, and to make it worse, it’s been the worst weather the past month. Rain. Thunder. Humidity. But, it’s hot.

I have no fresh ideas.

At all.

One bit.

I am uninspired and totally clueless.

I was talking to some of my friends yesterday asking what the heck they were wearing. None of them know, neither do they care. I’m just guessing that they will be wearing their typical preppy Abercrombie & Fitch uniform.

But, ahhh, finally, I have found a classy, in style store to buy clothes that will actually fit my tiny little body. And it’s on the way to the shore… where we might be going tomorrow (if the weather doesn’t turn out bad).

I’ve liked J. Crew for a long time, but was never able to fit into their items. I knew they had a children’s line, but little did I know they had my size. Crewcuts! Cute name for a much-needed, small-sized line of kids that will actually fit me.

Therefore, besides my other needs, I will buy something small that will complete an outfit that I already have. A graphic t-shirt:

shoe t-shirtWith a pair of denim shorts, some cute flats, and my teal cardigan, I can stay cool, dry, and fashionable.

(Erika/Mom) School’s out for summer……School’s out for ever……

WB8188~Alice-Cooper-Schools-Out-PostersI don’t remember what I wore on last days of school. I just remember some particularly peculiar first day of school oufits–but I’ll save them for another post. I do remember when Candies were all the rage. My best friend Carla wore a pair on the last day of 11th grade, and used them to fend off some hostile girls who were out to get her for some forgotten reason. They were pretty lethal, too, with those long, wooden heels. Debbie Harry from Blondie made them super famous:


Wow, couldn’t find any. Amazing. Here’s a nice updated version, though. If I were still in school, I’d definitely wear these:

twentytwoshoes-1Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. Kick up your heels, and watch the fireflies dance across the twilight sky.


Panty Who Knows?

suntan pantyhose and white sandals--nothing more to be said.

suntan pantyhose & white sandals--nothing more to be said.

(Erika/Mom) Since winter has decided it doesn’t want to leave the party, we are still faced with crappy weather in mid-April. That means our alabaster legs must be covered with something. Jeans usually do the trick but every once in awhile some inconvenient dressier occasion (like Easter Sunday) brings back the old familiar agony–pantyhose or no pantyhose?

My ears still ring with the embarrassed whisper of a colleague back in the mid 90s who told me that “um, no one wears suntan pantyhose anymore.” What? How come no one told me? I’ve been paranoid ever since. Eventually I came up with two solutions–find the absolute sheerest of the sheer hose or lose myself in trusty opaque tights.

I can’t always rely on Lizzi for objectivity. The idea of wearing pantyhose is so coming-of-age that she can’t resist, even if the object of desire is suntan-brown and comes in an egg. But she has opened my eyes to the possibilities of leggings and tights in other colors than black.


(Lizzi) For a while, I thought, “Wow! Pantyhose are a great solution to having “bare” legs during cold weather!”

But then I discovered “NOW”: bright tights and leggings. 

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Alright. You told me to wear bright tights. But, how?”

I’ll show you:

How To Wear Bright Colored Tights

Made by me and my mom.

What to wear with red tights:

– Bold strapless dress (with hints of red)

– Black patent leather ankle boots

– Leather clutch

– Small earrings

How To Wear Bright Tights 2

Made my me and my mom.

What to wear with turquoise tights:

– Simple white blouse

– Black mini skirt

– Decorative metal belt

– Glitter clutch

– Bib necklace

– Simple black heels

– Fun (military, vintage, etc.) jacket


Have fun and play around with your choices!