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How Do I Wear Thee?





(Erika/Mom) Hmmm. This is interesting. Lizzi and I were shopping at King of Prussia mall recently when the magnetic force of Urban Outfitters swept us into its current. I came around a corner and spied this top. Er, dress. Tunic? I was instantly attracted to it. The softness of the fabic suggested dupioni silk yet it was stretchy, almost like Danskin material. I thought briefly of the wraparound pants not too far away. Showed them to Lizzi and she didn’t get it. “Why are they wraparound?” “Well, because they wrap around you, like this,” I demonstrated. “But what if it’s a windy day?” she asked dubiously. “Yeah, well, there are risks involved,” I said, and gave up.

But back to the mystery tunic. It came in three or four luscious colors, including aubergine. I love it, but don’t know how to wear it. Lizzi?

(Lizzi) I have a very similar dress from American Apparel. Only, this item is a tunic. It can be worn as a dress or top. I remember Mom dragging me over to that section to look at the dress and tell her what you could pair with it. Thinking it was a dress, I immediately thought of a cropped leather motorcycle jacket to toughen it up and make it a little more edgy. I had trouble with thinking of shoes, but I eventually had the idea of suede slouchy boots. 

We finally ended up on this:

Silence + Noise Coated Tunic $32.00

Donna Karan Leather asymmetrical zip jacket

Donna Karan Leather Asymmetrical Zip Jacket $4,200

(or for something cheaper try… Made Me- Womens Leather Motorcycle Jacket (black) at 80s Purple for $622)

Urban Renewal Levis Ruffle Shorts $48.00


Flat Leather Ankle Boots $402.76

(please know that this website is a Japanese website. I added the link for the boots, so they are easy to find)

Classic Bead Earrings $3.80

Rib Beanie Hat

Rib Beanie $16.00


Experiment with this dress… er, tunic! Remember to have fun and stay in style.