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Is Medieval Back in Fashion?


Medieval woman

(Lizzi/Daughter) This marking period we are studying the Middle Ages in Social Studies. Even though some of the things we are learning about are weird and gross (um, they didn’t clean themselves regularly?!), I’ve noticed that a lot of what we wear today was inspired by what both women and men wore back in the 13th to 15th centuries!

I wouldn’t have noticed this if my teachers hadn’t told me, “Your outfit is very Medieval-looking! Very cool!” For example, when I wore an orange chiffon tunic with leggings and fringe ankle boots. Of course, the boots were more Native American-like, but the tunic and leggings, I realized, were very similar to something a man would wear in the Middle Ages. Or when I wore a pair of slouchy suede boots (Robin Hood style), I also got a similar comment… or compliment.

I found some medieval clothing sketches that look similar to what we wear today:

medieval clothing sketches

This tunic is very Medieval-like, especially the colors and the shape.

antik batik tunic

… here are some more….

tory burch tunic

Tory Burch Linen Split-neck Tunic

delia's tunic
Delia’s Lisette Empire

Flowing, belted dresses were trendy way back when AND now….

anna sui dress
One of my favorite designers, Anna Sui, incorporated a lot of Medieval-looking fabrics and styles into her Fall 2009 collection. This dress happens to be one of my favorites.

And this dress is really lovely also:
etro dress

Now, for shoes. Men in the Middle Ages wore flat leather or suede boots and lace-up flats.
medieval shoes mens boots

black medieval shoes mens

Wet Seal has a lot of nice boots this Fall like this pair:
wet seal boots

And these:
red boots

Women wore embroidered flats like these:
medieval flats

… and Kadam shoes has a wonderful pair that I think grasp the look very well:
kadam flats

Now, put the whole look together:

Medieval Inspiration
Medieval Inspiration by ChicLizzi featuring Etro

And voila! You have a Medieval Masterpiece!

Mom, what do you think of the Medieval trend?

(Erika/Mom) Great history lesson, my daughter! What abundance of gray matter resides in thy head! Hmmm, sorry, I’ll drop the Medieval speak. Lizzi is right–it is remarkable to see how strong the fashion connection is with silhouettes, colors, and fabrics worn 800 years ago. After so many years of jeans and T-shirts this is a welcome transition. I was driving out of Blockbuster the other day and slowed down to let a woman cross the parking lot. She had on a darling plaid tunic and black leggings. Something along the lines of this:

plaid tunic

Paired with either cuffed boots a la Robin Hood or embellished ballet flats, this would look great on just about any 40-something figure. If that figure is on the heavier side, ditch the leggings for black pants, either denim or a really nice fabric blend, like viscose and cotton. If the tunic is long enough, or your legs are skinny but your middle is hefty, a longer tunic and great boots along with nice-quality leggings will make a most comely combination:

Macys tunic plus size
Macys leggings plus size

For us middle-aged women, the Middle Ages is a fantastic fashion era. Fantastic hygiene era? Not so much.


Panty Who Knows?

suntan pantyhose and white sandals--nothing more to be said.

suntan pantyhose & white sandals--nothing more to be said.

(Erika/Mom) Since winter has decided it doesn’t want to leave the party, we are still faced with crappy weather in mid-April. That means our alabaster legs must be covered with something. Jeans usually do the trick but every once in awhile some inconvenient dressier occasion (like Easter Sunday) brings back the old familiar agony–pantyhose or no pantyhose?

My ears still ring with the embarrassed whisper of a colleague back in the mid 90s who told me that “um, no one wears suntan pantyhose anymore.” What? How come no one told me? I’ve been paranoid ever since. Eventually I came up with two solutions–find the absolute sheerest of the sheer hose or lose myself in trusty opaque tights.

I can’t always rely on Lizzi for objectivity. The idea of wearing pantyhose is so coming-of-age that she can’t resist, even if the object of desire is suntan-brown and comes in an egg. But she has opened my eyes to the possibilities of leggings and tights in other colors than black.


(Lizzi) For a while, I thought, “Wow! Pantyhose are a great solution to having “bare” legs during cold weather!”

But then I discovered “NOW”: bright tights and leggings. 

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Alright. You told me to wear bright tights. But, how?”

I’ll show you:

How To Wear Bright Colored Tights

Made by me and my mom.

What to wear with red tights:

– Bold strapless dress (with hints of red)

– Black patent leather ankle boots

– Leather clutch

– Small earrings

How To Wear Bright Tights 2

Made my me and my mom.

What to wear with turquoise tights:

– Simple white blouse

– Black mini skirt

– Decorative metal belt

– Glitter clutch

– Bib necklace

– Simple black heels

– Fun (military, vintage, etc.) jacket


Have fun and play around with your choices!