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Fashion Bridging Generations


freepeoplehangers(Erika) Welcome to our dual-perspective fashion site. My daughter Lizzi and I are an ordinary mother and daughter, living in the suburbs, pursuing school and jobs and dreams like a lot of other people we know.  If you came here to get scoop  on the newest Sonia Rykiel couture line or glean tips from our fabulous buying trips to Italy…you won’t get that here. We aren’t giving out coupons or touting our own store or clothing line, either. So if we aren’t doing any of that, why should you care?

Well, you might consider us a really well-crafted reality show, an insider’s look at two women of drastically different ages, body types, and taste who are learning about fashion from each other. In my view of things, dressing well is a never-ending challenge. My body is thicker than it was in my 30s and I’ve just emerged from breast cancer and subsequent reconstructive surgery.  I never was model material, and never will be. But I love the colors, the silhouettes, the textures of clothing. I’m fascinated by how one dress can drown a personality while another makes it dazzle. It’s a never-ending alchemy and experiment. Lizzi and I check out each other’s outfit each morning and we can tell by the tilt of the head or the burst of admiration in eyes or voice that we’ve nailed it. It’s better than caffeine to start the day right.

(Lizzi) Taking two perspectives on fashion is different (and better) than one. For instance, if you take a little black dress, the girls (or boys) in our age group will want to know what to wear with it, why to wear it, when to wear it, where to wear it, etc. Having two way different opinions actually helps, believe it or not. If you take one perspective, you don’t have any choices to choose from.

This blog is all about fashion, in a different way than you’ve ever seen before. So take advantage, and enjoy. 😉