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Rosana: Our new favorite store!


(Lizzi/Daughter) A couple of months ago, Mom and I went to a trunk show for our neighbor’s client’s new teen clothing store called Rosana. Since she was just beginning, there was only so much clothing and only a little bit of color. We still loved it though! The other day, I got an email from her and I told Mom that I wanted to go see her new store soon (which opened two months ago). So we headed down to Princeton and met up with Rosana again. She remembered us and was so excited to see us! Her store looked amazing. It was decorated with cute chairs and she had a much bigger variety of clothing! She also told us that she’s getting a lot more shoes in, so I knew that I would definitely be going back for more.

Mom and I grabbed different pieces right and left and I tried everything on. I was glad to find a store where I loved the clothes and most of the clothing fit me! (P.S. Sorry about the bright blue tank top… I happened to wear it and it didn’t exactly go with some of the pieces I tried on!)

First, I tried on a light blue ruffle mini dress and a pair of sequined pewter flats:

After that, I tried on an adorable black cut-out mini dress (cut outs are BIG this spring! Again, as I said before, so sorry about the tank!!!!)

Next was a beautiful orange chiffon dress which I was absolutely CRAZY about! It was a little big on the top (perfect on the bottom half).

Then I tried on a couple of things: a strapless top and a pair of really cute cropped pants! (the cardigan is my own)

Finally, I tried on a basic black cami and it looked pretty cute!

Oh, and by the way, if you happen to visit Rosana boutique in time, remember to sign her wall!

At the end, I bought the pewter flats, the black cami, and the cropped pants! I can’t wait to go back again… hopefully you’ll be able to visit the boutique sometime also!


Sneaky Friday: Broadway Edition

Greene Street Consignment in Princeton and Lambertville NJ

Greene Street Consignment in Princeton and Lambertville NJ

(Lizzi/Daughter) I was invited to go to NYC to see Wicked with my friend. The night I went to sleep over at her house, I asked Mom to help me pick out what to wear. I had not a thing to wear. So, I had an idea to wear one of her shirts as a dress, and it turned out to be a good idea, because I found a satin top that I thought would work well as a shirt. So I turned it around and wore it backwards, tucked into a pair of black pin-striped shorts and a black velvet cardigan to cover the droopy armpits that were too big. I have to say, it looked pretty good.

broadway outfit picture 1

top, bought at Greene Street consignment shop, Banana Republic; shorts, bought at Pac Sun, Hurley; cardigan, bought at Greene Street consignment shop, Betsey Johnson

broadway outfit picture 2

broadway outfit picture 3

You can see that the back of the shirt is really the front.

Oh, and by the way, the play was great, I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good musical.

(Erika/Mom) This satin cami is an absolutely gorgeous shade of ruby. I bought it last spring at Greene Street Consignment in Lambertville. Lizzi was in one of her “everything I have is OLD” rants and I tried to help her with suggestions. Some of the suggestions were dismissed with an inimitable stare that oozes the words “you’ve GOT to be kidding;” but I made one or two hints that garnered a bit more interest. We brought several of my shirts out for consideration. The trick is to hide the fact that it is several sizes too large, which Lizzi did by wearing it backwards and topping it with a Betsey Johnson velour cardigan (also my size!).

The shop in Lambertville is fantastic; we’ve gone several times and spent a couple of hours in there scouring the racks and trying stuff on. I spotted a great little plaid purse a few months ago that in a rare fit of frugality I bypassed. I’m still regretting it. Lizzi has been to the Princeton store a few times, and doesn’t think it has the same wealth of choices. We were informed by our informed neighbor that you have to “know when to go.” Things move fast in Princeton. For now, we’ll stick to our lesser-known jewel in Lambertville.