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Sneaky Friday


I'm a sucker for ruffles, even on shorts.

I'm a sucker for ruffles, even on shorts.

(Erika/Mom) It’s a hot spring Friday. Time of year when I start blowing the dust off my shorts and notice how sad they look. Yuk. They’re either too short and wrinkle at the crossroads, or resemble something an over-the-hill hiphop mom would wear when, to quote Violet in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” she “doesn’t care HOW she looks!”

Shorts are one of many things I cannot sneak out of Lizzi’s closet. She, of course, looks cute in any shorts she wears. My birthday is tomorrow and mom sent me $100. Maybe I should splurge on a couple of pairs of new shorts! Let’s see, fabric, length, wrinkle factor, pattern, compatibility with pale legs…lots of things to consider.

Love the scarf belt!

Love the scarf belt!

These shorts are very nice–classy, flattering, good length. Are they too boring? I’m not sure. Personally I think the silk scarf belt adds a lot of oomph.

Skort from Athleta

Skort from Athleta

We used to call these culottes, but no matter. Skorts are a great way to show off legs and camouflage other body flaws. I really like this colorful pair (set?) from Athleta. Actually for an athletic wear catalog, that company has lots of really great pieces.

Plaid still thrills me from my preppy days

Plaid still thrills me from my preppy days

I can see this pair of plaid shorts with a really pretty tank or soft T-shirt. I bet they are flattering and can go summer-dressy or backyard-margarita casual. My husband came home from a business trip with a similar pair–really strange coincidence. We have to make sure we don’t turn into a couple who wears matching clothes. Then it’s all over.

So Lizzi, what do you think?

(Lizzi/Daughter) Yes, Mom. I know you want something that’s not tight or too short or anything like that because you’re a mom… but seriously. The last two pairs are the worst and I wouldn’t even consider them if I were you.

The skort: Maybe for a tennis match, you can wear it. For everyday, though… you might look a bit like you are trying to be young. Not like 20 years old young. Let’s try more like… 5 years old.

Doesn’t this skort from The Children’s Place look a bit like the one above? From Athleta?

If you want an cute, flirty but inexpensive skirt… try something more like this:

This skirt from the Gap is $39.50 and also comes in Ruffle Pink, Bright Claret, Celestial Blue, Navy, Green, and True Black Knit. Unlike the skort from Athletica it is





The plaid shorts: I’m not sure what they remind me of. A little 8 year old skater boy? Or a 60 year old hiker…? Sorry, mom… but let’s go for these:

These shorts from J.Crew are plaid… and bermuda just like the ones from Athleta, but they are actually feminine and good for any Spring/Summer occasion whether it is sports or having lunch with your friends. They are also pretty versatile and have much better and brighter colors than the others. Oh, and they are on sale for $49.99

But, I do have to say that the first pair of shorts (the khaki ones witht he pink belt) are a very good choice.

And for Sneaky Friday: I stole my mom’s earring (no picture available at the moment).

Oh and BTW, happy birthday, Mom!