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Lizzi’s Look of the Day


This week has been a cold one in New Jersey. We’ve had to tack on a few extra minutes in our morning rush to find gloves, scarves, and to keep the fire going. Lizzi wore this outfit on Tuesday, actually. She is wearing a soft floral dress from Urban Outfitters that we both love. It is cinched with a leather wraparound belt she bought in Paris. Tights are from Old Navy and boots are from Target. Even though the fabric looks springlike, the dress itself is a thick knit and very soft. Cozy, you might say.


Lizzi’s Look of the Day


Lizzi's Look of the Day-October 13, 2009(Erika/Mom) Lizzi is very diligent about lining up her clothes the night before. I used to do that, and probably should again. I helped her put this outfit together and we were both pleased with the result. The Club Monaco jacket was something I bought for her last year in NYC. It was a great deal but we had to get it altered. She’s paired this jacket with a fine-knit sweater from Urban Outfitters. Lizzi rolled the cuffs into the jacket for more of a “boyfriend” look.

The Guess jeans from Macys are one of her favorite back-to-school purchases. The color is really beautiful. Paired with studded boots from Target, they complete the look.

Back-to-School Shopping in NYC


Back-to-School shopping in NYC

(Erika/Mom) One of the best parts about moving to NJ from CA a few years ago was the proximity to my favorite city: Manhattan! This is our third summer on the East Coast and as of last Thursday, our third trek (mother and two daughters Lizzi and Caroline) into NYC for back-to-school shopping. We’ve already learned a few things to improve our performance:

1. Get an early start.

2. Choose one or two quadrants of the city. Our first year we went down to Soho then up to the Upper West Side, and nearly killed ourselves.

3. Make a list and check addresses. Lizzi did this and it helped us stay on track and cover more ground.

4. Be open to serendipity. We found an amazing shop on Columbus Ave. called…oh crap, can’t remember the name. Something like Very Best Gowns. Look for it a block or two from Betsey Johnson somewhere in the 70s. We weren’t in the market for gowns but wish we were. Lizzi bonded with the owner’s 12-year-old niece who was hanging out there.

5. Grom sorbet and a park bench.

Of course we had to check out the new JCP on 33rd St. and Avenue of the Americas. Talk about sinking serious amounts of money into your brand! We’ve been inundated with TV and print ads and finally decided to see if there really WAS something new going on at JCP.

The verdict? Very nice. It helps when you have a brand new building and large, pink-papered dressing rooms. We loved the dressing rooms. Both Caroline and Lizzi found a few things they liked, including this cute diamond-pattern tunic top:

JCP finds

Next stop: Macys. We can’t ever shop in New York without stopping at Macys. And after a trip up to the 7th floor on the wonderful clackety original wooden escalator, we found a wonderland of merchandise that both girls loved.

(Lizzi/Daughter) Macy’s was probably one of my favorite places we stopped at. I got half of my back-to-school clothes there! I thought I wouldn’t find anything in the girls department in Macy’s because our local Macy’s has all this cutesy-little girl stuff in the 7-16 section. But when we got to the right section, I found myself piling clothes of all types on one arm and then we finally decided to try everything on once my pile of clothes weighed about ten pounds. My favorite buys were a cool leather (or pleather… plastic leather or fake leather) jacket by Baby Phat and a pair of deep red acid wash jeans. The jacket had a cool metallic tint to it that Mom says makes it look like metal which is really cool. It also had studs lining the pockets and zipper. I loved it so much, I had to buy it and it will be great for cool weather in fall and winter.

Baby Phat leather jacket and Hurley graphic t-shirt... both great pieces I bought at Macys!

Baby Phat leather jacket and Hurley graphic t-shirt... both great pieces I bought at Macys!

I spotted the acid wash jeans in the Guess section of Macy’s and I thought they were so cool because I had never seen that pretty a red on jeans before. Also, what was amazing was that they fit perfectly and jeans almost never fit me well in either the waist or the length.

After trying on a couple more things and heading to a few other shops, we finally ended up at Urban Outfitters, my favorite store in the whole universe. Again, I grabbed everything in sight that looked like it would fit and finally ended up in the fitting room. I randomly pulled out a bright floral dress that I thought looked cute on a mannequin. I thought it wouldn’t fit, but when I had tried it on, it “fit like a glove,” as Mom said.

floral dress from urban outfitters
I also bought a nice floral skirt and a cute jacket:

my skirt

my skirt

my jacket

my jacket

Aren’t these both the cutest?

In conclusion, Mom, my sister Caroline, and I had an awesome day in New York City! We may hit a mall later on but Manhattan is the place to start your engines. Seventh grade, here I come.

caroline and i eating lunch in nyc

Even though Caroline isn't as into fashion and shopping as I am, she still had a great time!

How Do I Wear Thee?





(Erika/Mom) Hmmm. This is interesting. Lizzi and I were shopping at King of Prussia mall recently when the magnetic force of Urban Outfitters swept us into its current. I came around a corner and spied this top. Er, dress. Tunic? I was instantly attracted to it. The softness of the fabic suggested dupioni silk yet it was stretchy, almost like Danskin material. I thought briefly of the wraparound pants not too far away. Showed them to Lizzi and she didn’t get it. “Why are they wraparound?” “Well, because they wrap around you, like this,” I demonstrated. “But what if it’s a windy day?” she asked dubiously. “Yeah, well, there are risks involved,” I said, and gave up.

But back to the mystery tunic. It came in three or four luscious colors, including aubergine. I love it, but don’t know how to wear it. Lizzi?

(Lizzi) I have a very similar dress from American Apparel. Only, this item is a tunic. It can be worn as a dress or top. I remember Mom dragging me over to that section to look at the dress and tell her what you could pair with it. Thinking it was a dress, I immediately thought of a cropped leather motorcycle jacket to toughen it up and make it a little more edgy. I had trouble with thinking of shoes, but I eventually had the idea of suede slouchy boots. 

We finally ended up on this:

Silence + Noise Coated Tunic $32.00

Donna Karan Leather asymmetrical zip jacket

Donna Karan Leather Asymmetrical Zip Jacket $4,200

(or for something cheaper try… Made Me- Womens Leather Motorcycle Jacket (black) at 80s Purple for $622)

Urban Renewal Levis Ruffle Shorts $48.00


Flat Leather Ankle Boots $402.76

(please know that this website is a Japanese website. I added the link for the boots, so they are easy to find)

Classic Bead Earrings $3.80

Rib Beanie Hat

Rib Beanie $16.00


Experiment with this dress… er, tunic! Remember to have fun and stay in style.