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10 Reasons We Hate Getting Dressed


(Erika/Mom) It’s winter, in case you were wondering. Getting dressed is a lot harder when it’s cold freezing. But no matter what the season, there are certain things about wearing clothes that remind us….well, that we are not in heaven yet. When Lizzi and I compiled our list, we realized that much of our wardrobe woes stemmed from garments that don’t fit right. Makes you envy those privileged souls who have their clothing tailor-made, or who make their own. There really is a huge advantage in avoiding off-the-rack dressing when you can. Because you’re always going to hassle with stuff like this:

Erika’s Top Five Peeves
1. Poor fabric. Almost everything looks good when it’s brand new and in a well-lighted store. The real test comes after washing and wearing, many, many times. Expect fading, stretching (or shrinking), and of course everyone’s favorite, ripped seams. That’s why it’s probably better to buy fewer things at a time, but replace them a bit more frequently. I’m not one to talk, since some of my clothes date back to the last century. But I’m planning a big spring purge this year.

2. Bra bulge. Lizzi doesn’t have this problem–I do and probably lots of other women in their 40s (at least I hope I’m not alone). Even if you aren’t overweight, you just soften up a lot as you age. Those soft bulges are NOT attractive. Some experts say that it’s because your bra is too big or not adjusted properly. Real Simple recently ran a piece on getting bras right; I’m going to check out some of their recommendations this year.

3. One sock (or one earring) syndrome. So many of my favorite earrings and socks-that-don’t-fall-down are MIA. Just one remains to taunt me.

Here’s a solution: We need to band together and start wearing mismatched earrings and socks like it’s a fashion statement. Really. If enough of us do it without looking embarrassed it just might catch on. Or maybe we just say “who gives a d*mn” and do it anyway.

4. Pant hems that drag on the ground. It’s annoying in the summer but it drives me nuts in the winter. THIS unfortunate wardrobe mishap is happily not one I subscribe to, but unhappily lots of other people do. Lizzi can maybe elaborate more intelligently on why teenagers in particular like to drag fabric through dirt, salt, slush, and Lord knows what other goodies on the streets and sidewalks.

5. No dressy coats live in your closet. Most days I hardly give a second thought to my coat inventory. But those frigid nights when you happen to be going out, looking pretty good in your thin dress and thinner hose/tights…and you must choose between freezing to death and wearing a Garbstore Mountain Providence Parka it dawns on you that outerwear is an important component of looking good. This parka is very cute in other circumstances but not on date night.

So there you go. Some of the reasons we reach for the jeans, clogs, husband’s sweater, sports bra and skip the jewelry in the morning. But there’s always another day, and another attempt, tomorrow. Now for Lizzi’s list:

Lizzi’s Top Five Peeves

1. Sagging tights. In the winter, especially in New Jersey, it’s basically mandatory to wear tights when wearing a skirt or a dress. Except no matter how many times or how far I pull my tights up, they always seem to slip right back down. And I know I’m not the only one who has experienced this since I have seen a couple of my friends’ struggle with their own low-hanging tights… if you know what I mean.

2. Straps hanging by a thread. (literally!)This sort of goes along with mom’s first peeve. Yesterday, I wore a cute cami under a jacket and as I had one of my friends adjust it, the strap broke off and I had to walk around all day with my jacket zipped up all the way until I was able to find a safety pin. Now that’s a real fashion emergency!

3. Your favorite top has a stain on it– cause unknown. “Ahhh… I love this shir– ew! Where the heck did that come from!?”

4. Colors that run. Last week, after I threw my red acid wash jeans in the laundry, everything else came out pink. This includes, my gray sweater (which is now a grayish pink), my light pink socks (which are now a very dark redish pink), and my dad’s underwear (which are now bright pink). Sorry Dad.

5. Correction: black does NOT look good with everything. What I hate the most is when you put on a black sweater or top, but you can’t tell it’s black because of all the animal hair covering it. It sucks for me because I have two cats who love to snuggle and a puppy who clings to you like a barnacle.